Buck Hollow



Buck Hollow is  located in historic Cazadero. This quiet, peacful homestead is nestled among towering redwoods on a lush hill with a beautiful creek below. A lovely setting  that beckons you to relax. We invite you to indulge your senses in the experience of visiting Buck Hollow.  Come early or stay after your massage and relax in the gardens or in the outdoor hot tub surrounded by the sounds of nature.
For your enjoyment we offer the following types of Massage.

Basic relaxation massage for those who simply want to relax and feel pampered. 

DeepTissue massage for those who want  relief from muscle tension or chronic knots.

Lymphatic massage: encourages your body to remove toxins through the lymph system.  This is good for those who require a little help with circulatory issues, like swollen feet or ankles.  It can also aid in fighting colds. It is a pleasant more rythmic feeling massage.  

 Hot Sand Bag Massage:  For those that want more than a basic massage but not a deep tissue includes the use Of a small heated sand bag to help manipulate the  muscles and encourage relaxation.  A great winter time treat!

Viniyoga: A therapeutic , all ages, yoga. Classes offered throughout the year., see Special Events page for details

*All massages can be  performed with aromatic oils of your choice. 

Our goal is to bring your body and mind into a  balanced place of peace and harmony.

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